School of Interdisciplinary Research
IIT Delhi

Admission Process

Registration of PhD students under School of Interdisciplinary Research (SIRe)

SIRe is established to create a platform for promoting interdisciplinary research in the institute. Project proposals are invited from a team of two or more faculty members from different departments/centres/schools, who would like to supervise a PhD candidate under this program. All the participating faculty would have equal stake in the project.

(Last date for receiving proposals: November 15, 2017)
Proposals need to be submitted electronically. FORMAT and Portal will be informed shortly on this website.

Please note SIRe is a virtual centre and only facilitate registration of a PhD student for interested faculty from different departments/centres/schools. The School offers no office/lab space and funding to the faculty.

Procedure for the admission of a student @ SIRe

The proposal should include the project goals, qualification and experience required for the student, assistantship source and suggested names for the selection committee. The proposal would necessarily have to be for inter-disciplinary research with faculty drawn from more than one academic discipline. The application should clearly provide justification for admitting students under SIRe based on the background and/or experience required. School Research Committee of SIRe will assess and approve the justification before advertising the proposal.

Application should also clearly mention that the faculty would ensure that resources required for carrying out research would be made available to the admitted student.

Depending on the nature of the proposal there could be external supervisor as well. Here proposers are also expected to suggest names drawing from the expert pool available in NCR especially for research domains with limited expertise in the Institute.

Student Research Committee would constitute a specific selection committee with one of its members as Chairperson, proposers as conveners and this committee would interview candidates. Depending on the nature of the proposal, committee would be based one expertise not only available within IIT Delhi but across the NCR. On successful selection, the supervisors along with the SRC members would be notified.

Financial support

Students would primarily be supported through external funding. At the time of admission, adequate funding for supporting the PhD student for a period specified as per Institute norms for project supported assistantships should be available. School may have some provision for gap funding and for this purpose
Typically student registered in SIRe would be supported from
(a) A sponsored project or consultancy
(b) CoE funding
(c) CSIR/UGC/DBT etc fellowships – applies against an advt that has funds but the student carries his own fellowship
(d) Award or matching grant given to a faculty or CoE by the Institute or IRD (e.g. recent Interdisciplinary grants)
SIRe would only be open for admitting full-time as well as project part-time students and not registering part-time students working in other organizations.