Our Faculty

Mentors of Innovation

Project Student
Enhancing stability of biotherapeutic products Mr. Tushar Sharad Savane
Recovery and Valorization of Platform Chemicals from Waste Using an Integrated Bio and Chemo-Catalytic Processing Approach Mr. Mahdiyar
Downstream purification for production of biotech therapeutics Ms. Rashmi Sharma
Cloning and expression of Biosimilars in microbial and mammalian cells to improve the biosimilar products Abhilasha Kumari Rani (2019SRZ8781)
Downstream purification for continuous processing of biotech therapeutics Anupa (2019SRZ8782)
Metabolomics based optimization of protein expression in microbial hosts Girish Halemirle Rajacharya (2019SRZ8785)
Mammalian cell culture process development for the production of biopharmaceuticals Neelesh Gangwar (2018SRZ188304)
Mammalian Cell Culture for Continuous Processing for Production of Biotech Therapeutic Products Mr. Subhankar Metya
Control of Processes used for Production of Biotech Therapeutic Products Mr. Naveen Gurupatham J