SIRe PG Admissions

IIT Delhi PG Admissions 2019-20, Semester-I

Admission Closed for Sem1, (2019-2020)

Project No. Projects available for current round of PhD Admissions (Sem-I, 2019-2020) Supervisor
46 Design and Development of Piezoelectric Polymer Based Flexible Micro Device for Energy Harvesting. Dr. Wazed Ali (TT)
Dr. Bipin Kumar (TT)
Dr. Pushparaj Singh (CARE)
45 Impedance Control as an Approach to manipulation of Collaborative robots S.K. Saha (ME)
I.N. Kar (EE)
44 Development of exosomes based detection technique from non-invasive source for Parkinson’s disease Dr. Ashok Kumar Patel (Kusuma School of Biological Sciences,IIT Delhi)
Dr. Saroj Kumar (Department of Biophysics, AIIMS, New Delhi)
43 Development of gigapixel imaging system and automated histopathological analysis system Ravikrishnan Elangovan (DBEB)
Kedar Bhalchandra Khare (Department of Physics)
42 Development of water quality monitoring tools using hyperspectral images Brejesh Lall (Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Shaikh Ziauddin Ahammad (DBEB)
41 Optimization of critical current density and upper critical field in multiband superconductors Ashok K. Ganguli (Department of Chemistry, IITD)
S. Patnaik (School of Physical Sciences, JNU)
40 Development of Efficient Nanogenerator for Harnessing Vibrational Energy Neeraj Khare (Physics)
Bhaskar Mitra (Electrical)
39 Role of Frontal Asymmetry in Valence and Decision Processing in Select Clinical Disorder (addiction, mood, and anxiety disorder) Varsha Singh (Psychology, HSS, IIT Delhi)
Rohit Verma (Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi)
38 Cognitive, Affective, and Decision-making Processes in Experimental Economics Varsha Singh (Humanities & Social Sciences)
Sujoy Chakravarty (Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social Sciences, JNU)
37 Emission inventory for construction activities Nomesh Bolia (Mechanical Engineering)
Harsha Kota (Civil Engineering)
36 Development of antibiotic resistance gene database for Indian isolates Vivekanandan Perumal (School of Biological Science)
Ravikrishnan Elangovan (DBEB)
35 Development of magnetic cell sorting device for enumeration of blood cells Vivekanandan Perumal (School of Biological Science)
Ravikrishnan Elangovan (DBEB)
34 Exploring ribosomal RNA detection for species level identification of bacterial pathogens in a rapid, low cost bioassay format Shalini Gupta (Chemical Engineering)
Ravi Elangovan (DBEB)
33 Downstream purification for continuous processing of biotech therapeutics Anurag Singh Rathore (Chemical Engineering)
Manideepa Banerjee (Biological Sciences)
31 Perovskite light emitting devices Sameer Sapra (Chemistry)
Madhusudan Singh (Electrical Engineering)
30 Deformation of nanoscale electromechanical materials under external electric fields N. M. Anoop Krishnan (Civil Engineering)
Madhusudan Singh (Electrical Engineering)
25 Real time monitoring and source-apportionment of air pollution in the Delhi/NCR region Mayank Kumar (Mechanical)
Vikram Singh (Chemical)
24 Effect of biomass/stubble burning on air pollution in Delhi/NCR region Vikram Singh (Chemical)
Mayank Kumar (Mechanical)
21 Theoretical Studies on Battery Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage Mohammad Ali Haider (Chemical)
N M Anoop Krishnan (Civil Engg./Material Sci.)
Manish Agarwal (CSC)
17 Development of sensors for detection of pesticides in vegetables Sudip K Pattanayek (Chemical Engineering)
V. Haridas (Chemistry)
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