SIRe PG Admissions

IIT Delhi PG Admissions 2019-20, Semester-I

Admission Open for Semester 2, (2019-2020)

Project No. Projects available for current round of PhD Admissions (Sem-2, 2019-2020) Supervisor
2019-2-01 Non-invasive detection of volatile organic compounds and human papillomavirus from exhaled breath
of tobacco and non-tobacco user subjects, with and without oral carcinoma/oral potentially malignant disorders,
using hand held Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy platform
J.P. Singh (PHY)
Prashant Mishra (DBEB)
2019-2-02 Metabolomics based optimization of protein expression in microbial hosts Anurag Singh Rathore (ChE)
Syed Shams Yazdani (ICGEB)
2019-2-03 Controlling complex system: Learning Based Approach Arnob Ghosh (ME)
Arpan Chattopadhyay (EE)
2019-2-04 Development of multifunctional value added cotton textiles using plant based extract Wazed Ali (T&FE)
S. N. Naik (CRDT)
2019-2-05 Designing efficient cloning and expression strategies for production of biosimilar products Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)
Anurag Singh Rathore (ChE)
2019-2-06 Design and Development of Piezoelectric Polymer Based Flexible Micro Device for Energy Harvesting. Wazed Ali (T&FE)
Bipin Kumar (T&FE)
Pushparaj Singh (CARE)
2019-2-07 Understanding magneto-transport in artificial solids Nirat Ray (DMSE)
Varsha Banerjee (PHY)
2019-2-08 Development of photodetectors (visible and IR) using Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (2D-materials). Rajendra Singh (PHY)
Ankur Goswami (DMSE)
2019-2-09 Strategic/Defence Technology Asymmetry and Corresponding Policy Implications in the Indian Context (Tentative) Manan Suri (EE)
Archana Upadhyay (JNU)
2019-2-10 Exoskeleton for lower limb movement for human (patients, geriatric citizens, mountaineers, laborers etc.) Dinesh Kalyanasundaram (CBME)
Subir Kumar Saha (ME)
2019-2-11 High Expansion Skin Graft Development using Auxetic Patterns for Severe Burn Injury Mitigation Arnab Chanda (CBME)
Arnab Banerjee (CE)
2019-2-12 Identification and investigation of the role of stress induced small RNAs in Deinococcus radiodurans Tanmay Dutta (CHY)
Ashok Kumar Patel (KSBS)
2019-2-13 Sustainable processing of agro-residual waste to produce acoustic materials and bio-renewable chemicals M. Ali Haider, MAH (ChE)
S. Fatima, SF (CART)
2019-2-14 Studies on the regulation by small RNAs in Mycobacteria Tanmay Dutta (CHY)
Krishna Kishore Inampudi (AIIMS)
2019-2-15 Downstream purification for continuous processing of biotech therapeutics Anurag Singh Rathore (ChE)
Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)
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