Research that matters

S. No Name of Students Name of Supervisors Research Project with No.
1. Udayan Banerjee S.K. Saha (ME) Impedance control as an approach to manipulation of Collaborative robots (45)
I.N. Kar (EE)
2. Neha Khaware Ravikrishnan Elangovan Development of magnetic cell sorting device for enumeration of blood cells (35)
Vivekanandan Perumal
3. Rukmini Sarma Shalini Gupta (Chemical) Exploring ribosomal RNA detection for species level identification of bacterial pathogens in a rapid, low cost bioassay format. (34)
Ravi Elangovan (CE)
4. Adarsh Madhu Atul Narang (DBEB) Integrated fermentation and catalytic processing (20)
M. Ali Haider (CE)
5. Shriya Gumber Hemant Kumar Kashyap (Chem) Multi-scale modeling and design paradigm of energy materials for application in solid-state batteries. (15)
Saswata Bhattacharya (Physics)
6. Suraj Kumar Varsha Singh (HSS) Role of Frontal Asymmetry in Valence and Decision processing in Selected Clinical Disorders (such as depression, anxiety and addiction) (39)
Rohit Verma (AIIMS)
1. Abhilasha Pant Shaikh Z. Ahammad (DBEB) Development of Nanocomposite based treatment technologies for the removal of Antibiotic Resistant Genes from Waste Water (20)
Wazed Ali (Textile)
2. Shashank Shekhar Sanjay Dhir (DMS) Developing a revenue model for Bioinformatics R&D using Management approach (04)
B Jayaram (Chemistry)
3. Neelesh Gangwar Anurag S. Rathore (Chemical) Upstream process development for production of therapeutic proteins using mammalian expression system (09)
James Gomes
(School of Biological Sciences )
4. Maliha Ashraf Dr. Shaikh Z. Ahammad
(Department of Biochemical and Biotechnology)
Transport modeling of Emerging contaminants (21)
Dr. Chakma Sumedha
(Department of Civil Engineering)
5. Aashish Bhanu Nandan (TT)
Electrospun Nanofibers as Effective Polysulfide Trap for Advanced Lithium-Sulfur (23)
Amit Gupta (ME)
6. Nishant Birdi Varsha Bannerjee (Physics Dept)
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium studies of uniaxial and biaxial liquid crystals and their mixtures. (22)
Sanjay Puri (SPS/JNU)
1. Hema Garg Bipin Kumar (Textile) Shape Memory Polymers for Textile Finishing (06)
B P Tripathi (DMSE)
Apurba Das (DTT)
2. Jayashree Mohanty Bipin Kumar (Textile) Modification of Shape Memory Filament by Nano-Scale Design (06)
B P Tripathi (DMSE)
3. Rishi Raj S.K. Jha (CBME)
Soil analyzer using capillary electrophoresis microchip (03)
S Basu (Che)
4. Gaurav Dogra A. Dewan (AM)
DST's Centre of Excellence in Climate Modeling (08)
S. Sahany (CAS)
5. Sharang Totekar Ashish K. Darpe (ME)
Passive Hybrid Vibration Response Control in Base-Isolated Structures underImpulsive Loads (05)
Vasant Matsagar (CE)
6. Lekhani Gaur Ashish K. Darpe (ME) Blast Resistant Design of Structures using Advanced Materials and Systems (05)
Tanusree Chakraborty (CE)
7. Harshada Sharma Vasant Matsagar (CE)
Analysis of Underground Structures Subjected to Blast Loading and Blast Induced Vibration (02)
Satinder Paul Singh (ME)