Talent that matters

Suraj Kumar (2019SRZ8480)

Academic Background: B.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc.(Neural & Cognitive Sciences) University of Hyderabad

Project: E Role of Frontal Asymmetry in Valence and Decision processing in Selected Clinical Disorders (such as depression, anxiety and addiction)

Supervisors:  Varsha Singh (HSS)

Co-Supervisors:  Rohit Verma (AIIMS)

Chairperson: Ravikrishnan Elangovan (Bio. Engg)
Expert 1: Jyoti Kumar (CID&D), Expert 2:  Gagan Hans (PCMIC, AIIMS, New Delhi)

Udayan Banerjee (2019SRZ8482)

Academic Background: B. Tech (Electrical), M. Tech (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives) NIT Durgapur

Project: Impedance control as an approach to manipulation of Collaborative robots

Supervisors:  S.K. Saha (ME)

Co-Supervisors:  I.N. Kar (EE)

Chairperson: Sunil Jha (ME)
Expert 1: Ramakrishna K (ME), Expert 2:  Prof. Ghazala Habib (CE)

Adarsh Madhu (2019SRZ198481)

Academic Background: B.Sc. (Botany), M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Central University of Bihar, Patna

Project:Integrated fermentation and catalytic processing of Biomass derived 6 amyl alpha pyrone to valuable products

Supervisors:  Atul Narang (DBEB)

Co-Supervisors:  M. Ali Haider (CE)

Chairperson: T.R Shreekrishnan, (DBEB)

Neelesh Gangwar(2018SRZ188304)

Academic Background: B.Sc (Biotechnology), M. Tech (Biomedical) IIT Bombay

Project: Upstream process development for production of therapeutic proteins using mammalian expression system

Supervisors:  Anurag S. Rathore (Chemical Engineering)

Chairperson: Sudip Pattnayak
Expert 1: Gaurav Goel (CHE), Expert 2:  James Gomes (KSBS)


Academic Background: B.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Physics) University of Delhi

Project: Electrospun Nanofibers as Effective Polysulfide Trap for Advanced Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Supervisors:  Bhanu Nandan (TT) Amit Gupta (ME)

Chairperson: Manjeet Jassal (Textile)
Expert 1: Pravin Ingole (Chemistry), Expert 2: Bijay Tripathi (DMSE)

Gaurav Dogra (2017SRZ8645)

Academic Background: B.Tech (Mechanical), M.Tech (Thermal) BCET, Gurdaspur

Project: DST's Centre of Excellence in Climate Modeling

Supervisors: A. Dewan (AM) S. Sahany (CAS)

Chairperson: Shantanu Roy (ChE)
Expert 1: Saroj Kanta Mishra (CAS), Expert 2: B. Premachandran (ME)

Sharang Vaman Totekar (2017SRZ8646)

Academic Background: BE (Civil), M. Tech (Structural Engineering) College of Engineering Pune

Project: Passive hybrid vibration response control in base-isolated structures under impulsive loads

Supervisors: A.K. Darpe (ME) V. Matsagar (CE)

Chairperson: JT. Shahu (CE)
Expert 1: Dipti Ranjan Sahoo (CE), Expert 2: S. Pradyumna (AM)

Hema Garg (2017SRZ8647)

Academic Background: B.Sc.(Chemistry), M.Sc/ M.Tech (Nanotechnology) Amity university, Noida

Project: Shape Memory Polymers for Textile Finishing

Supervisors: B. Kumar (TT) B.P. Tripathi (DMSE) Apurba Das (DTT)

Chairperson:  Prof. Arunachalam Ramanan
Expert 1:  Dr. Sampa Saha (DMSE), Expert 2:  Dr. Wazed Ali (Department of Textile Technology)

Rishi Raj (2017SRZ8650)

Academic Background: B. Tech (Polymer Technology), M. Tech, Delhi Technological University

Project: Soil analyzer using capillary electrophoresis microchip

Supervisors: S.K. Jha (CBME) S. Basu (ChE)

Chairperson: Madhusudan Singh (EE)
Expert 1: Anuj Dhawan (EE), Expert 2: Samaresh Das (CARE)

Rakesh Kumar Thakur (2017SRZ8652)

Project: Development of ballistic material for blast mitigation

Supervisors: N. Bhatnagar (ME) P. Mahajan (AM)

Chairperson: Rajesh Prasad (AM)
Expert 1: Anup Ghosh (DMSE), Expert 2: Ashwini Agrawal (TT)