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Mentors of Innovation

Project Student
Synthesis and Characterization of Green Chemicals from Biomass for their Promising Applications in Value Added Textiles Mr. Gulshitab Aalam
Fabrication of nanocomposites based flexible electrodes to be used in microbial fuel cell for treating textile effluents and other industrial wastewater Mr. Rahul Kandpal
Design and Development of Conducting Filler Loaded Piezoelectric Polymer Based Flexible Micro Device for Energy Harvesting Mayuri Srivastava (2019SRZ8780)
Development of multifunctional value added cotton textiles using plant based extract Sourav Banerjee (2019SRZ8779)
Development of Nanocomposite based treatment technologies for the removal of Antibiotic Resistant Genes from Waste Water Abhilasha Pant (2018SRZ8381)