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IIT Delhi PG Admission 2023-24, Semester-I

Admission Open for 1st Semester 2023-2024

Project Titles for Ph.D. Admission for Semester-1st, 2023-24

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Long-lasting antibacterial and cytocompatible coatings on polymeric surfaces to prevent biomaterial associated infection

Prof. Sampa Saha, DMSE

Prof. Hariprasad P., CRDT


Optically responsive cellulosic films for functional membranes

Prof. Archana Samanta, DTFE

Prof. Leena Nebhani, DMSE


Magnetic and superconducting properties of new ternary chalcogenides

Prof. Ashok K Ganguli, Chemistry

Prof. Brajesh K Mani, Physics


Energy harvesting using triboelectric Nanogenerator using electrospun polymer nano/microfibre

Prof. Sumit Sinha Ray, DTFE

Prof. Ankur Goswami, DMSE


Functional fiber-based composites for tissue engineering and therapeutic applications.

Prof. Ritu Kulshreshtha, DBEB

Prof. Archana Samanta, DTFE


A systematic approach for improving communication of fortified rice at national and international markets

Prof Jatindra K Sahu, CRDT

Prof Biswajita Parida, DMS


Post-consumer textile-to-textile circular supply chain design

Prof. Abhijit Majumdar, DTFE

Prof. Surya Prakash Singh, DMS


Design of protective guards for sports related maxillofacial injury

Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee, ME

Prof Deepak Gupta,

Dept. of Neurosurgery, AIIMS Delhi


Wrinkling in two-dimensional materials

Prof. Sushma Santapuri, AM

Prof. Nirat Ray, DMSE


Calibration of low-cost particulate matter sensors for air pollution monitoring

Prof. Jay Dhariwal, Department of Design

Prof. Seshan Srirangarajan, EE


An exploration of different control strategies for robust suspension design.

Prof. Husain Kanchwala, CART

Prof. Sahil Bansal, Civil


Determining the Bioactivity information of organic compounds: Development of an experimentally validated reliable computational methodology

Prof. Vivekanand Perumal, KSBS

Prof. Ramu Yadav, Chemistry


Designer biosurfactants for nanoparticle synthesis

Prof. Preeti Srivastava, DBEB

Prof. Leena Nebhani, DMSE


Optimum Design of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Blast Response Mitigation

Prof. Souvik Chakraborty, AM

Prof. Vasant Matsagar,Civil


Real-time high resolution imaging of microscopic and macroscopic particles for the applications in quantum computing and fluid dynamics

Prof. Bodhaditya Santra, Physics

Prof. Debabrata Dasgupta, ME


Laser beam stabilization for various field applications in vibrating environments for the applications in quantum sensing and communications

Prof. Bodhaditya Santra, Physics

Prof. Jayanta Kumar Dutt, ME


Mechanically stable and compact laser systems with precision alignment and focus control for the applications in quantum and laser based technologies

Prof. Bodhaditya Santra, Physics

Prof. Prithviraj Mukhopadhyay, ME


Interface Engineering of the Glass-electrolytes for the High-energy Batteries

Prof. Hemant K. Kashyap, Chemistry

Prof. Vipin Kumar, DESE


State-of-the-art Chemical Biology Approach to correct the G6PD deficiency to help in Malaria elimination

Prof V. Haridas, Chemistry

Prof. Shailja Singh, SCMM, JNU


Autonomous Driving Using Computer Vision

Prof. Husain Kanchwala, CART

Prof. Shahid Malik, SeNSE


Development of High-Entropy alloys for Biomedical Applications

Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, CBME

Prof. Deepak Kumar, CART


Developing DNA Field-Effect Transistor (FET) as a Sensing platform for Agricultural Applications

Prof. Kavya Dashora, CRDT

Prof V Ramgopal Rao, EE


Combating Resistance in/of Broad-spectrum Anticancer Drugs by targeting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) using plasma modified nano metallic-Drug Conjugates.

Prof. Marshal, Physics

Prof. Manoj Menon, KSBS


Cryo-electron Microscopy of virus capsids during disassembly

Prof. Manidipa Banerjee, KSBS

Prof. Dilip Kumar, Ashoka University


Design and development of Metal-metal composite based auxetic open cell lattices for Biomedical Applications

Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, CBME

Prof. Devendra Kr. Dubey, ME


Energy harvesting and sensing using Triboelectric Nanogenerator and Droplet motion

Prof. Dhiman Mallick, EE

Prof. Ankur Goswami, DMSE


Smart Cooling/Heating Textiles for Thermal Management

Prof. Harun Venkatesan, DTFE

Prof.. Krishna Bharadwaj Balasubramanian, DMSE  


Electromyography-informed locomotor behavior in children with developmental disorders

Prof. Kaushik Mukherjee, ME

Prof. Rajesh Malhotra, AIIMS, New Delhi


Fabrication of Resistive Memory Switches and its Application in Neuromorphic Devices using Transition Metal Oxides and Dichalcogenides

Prof. Ankur Goswami, DMSE

Prof. Ram Krishna Ghosh,

Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering (IIITD)


Microfluidic chip based point of care analyzers

Prof. Sandeep K Jha, CBME

Prof. Prashant Mishra, DBEB


Microfluidic chip based electrochemical analyzers

Prof. Sandeep K Jha, CBME

Prof. Sudhhasatwa Basu, Chemical Engg.


Chemo-catalytic production of 1,3-butanediol and n-butanol from acetaldehyde produced by fermentation

Prof. K. K Pant, Chemical Engineering

Prof. Ashish Misra, DBEB


Development of microbial derived biopolymers for tissue engineering applications

Prof. Neetu Singh, CBME

Prof. Ashish Misra, DBEB


Design and Demonstration of Clean Combustion for Jaggery Production and Impact of Pollutants on Envirnment and Climate

Prof. S. K. Tyagi, DESE

Prof. K. K. Agrawal, ME


Development of Novel Enzymes for Sustainable Chemical Processing Textiles

Prof. Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh, DTFE

Prof. Tanmay Dutta, Chemistry


Fabrication of intelligent materials for regulating biofilm formation in bioreactors

Prof. Wazed Ali, DTFE

Prof. David Graham School of Engineering, Newcastle University


Emission mitigation potential and cost for air quality and climate benefits in India

Prof. Sagnik Dey, CAS

Prof. Gazala Habib, Civil Engineering


Spectral Delineation of Plant Alkaloids using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Machine/Deep Learning

Prof. Shilpi Sharma, Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Prof. Niladri Chatterjee, Joint Prof. at Department of Mathematics and Yardi School of AI