Research that matters

S. No Name of Students Name of Supervisors Research Project with No.
2020 (Sem-2)
1. Abhishek Kumar Prof. Surya Prakash Singh (DMS) Design of Circular Supply Chain for Textile and Clothing Industry (1)
Prof. Abhijit Majumdar (Textile)
2. Vishnu K Prof. Anil Verma (CE) Battery System Development and Integration (3)
Prof. Sumit Pramanick (EE)
3. Manjeet Godara Prof. Nirat Ray (MS&E) Multiscale modeling of quantum dot thermoelectrics (4)
Prof. Sushma Santapuri (AM)
4. Gulshitab Aalam Prof. Wazed Ali (Textile) Synthesis and Characterization of Green Chemicals from Biomass for their Promising Applications in Value Added Textiles (8)
Prof. M. Ali Haider (CE)
5. Rahul Kandpal Prof. Shaikh Zia Ahammad (BE&B) Fabrication of nanocomposites based flexible electrodes to be used in microbial fuel cell for treating textile effluents and other industrial wastewater (11)
Prof. S. Wazed Ali (Textile)
6. Neha Arora Prof. Vireshwar Kumar (CSE) Physics-Informed Intrusion Detection using Deep Learning (12)
Prof. Souvik Chakraborty (AM)
7. Arpit Aggarwal Prof. Anup Singh (CBE) Mathematical modeling of tumor angiogenesis and growth (15)
Prof. Harish Kumar (Mathematics)
8. Abhinav Galodha Prof. Brejesh Lall (EE) Development of water quality monitoring tools using hyperspectral images (16)
Prof. Shaikh Zia Ahammad (BE&B)
Prof. Sanya Anees (ECE, IIITG)
9. Rashmi Sharma Prof. Anurag S. Rathore (CHE) Downstream purification for production of biotech therapeutics (17)
Prof. Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)
10. Vrinda Kapoor Dr. Shivajirao L. Gholap (Chemistry) Finding new ways to understand the role of salivary exosomes in Parkinson’s Disease (21)
Dr. Saroj Kumar, (AIIMS, New Delhi)
Dr. Krishna Kishore Inampudi (AIIMS, New Delhi)
2020 (Sem-1)
1. Anurag Choudhary Prof. S. Fatima (CART) Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics of Induction Motor Drive using Hybrid Schemes for Electric Vehicles (9)
Prof. Mashuq un Nabi (EE)
2. Manish Kumar Sinha Prof. Suresh Neelakantan (MS&E) Microstructure – property correlation studies in CdZnTe and ZnTe semiconducting materials (16)
Prof. Rajendra Singh (Physics)
3. Santanu Maity Prof. Samaresh Das (CARE) Quantum nano-electronics in two-dimensional transition-metal-chalcogenides (15)
Prof. Rajendra Singh (Physics)
4. Shalini Dr. Ankur Goswami (MS&E) Energy harvesting using droplet-based microfluidics for Self-Powered wearables (1)
Dr. Dhiman Mallick (ME)
5. Shivani Choudhary Prof. S.K. Saha, ME AI – ML Based Ranking of CVs as per Requirement (13)
Prof. Niladri Chatterjee, Math
6. Sonika Singh Prof. Rajendra Singh, Physics Development of photodetectors (visible and IR) using Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (2D-materials) (12)
Dr. Ankur Goswami, MS&E
7. Vivek Kumar Nair Dr. Pooja Ghosh (CRDT) Biological remediation of industrial textile dyes/effluents and toxicity assessment (5)
Dr. Anushree Malik (CRDT)
Dr. Paulraj Rajamani (SES, JNU)
8. Abhishek Singla Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram(CBE) Exoskeleton for lower limb movement for human (patients, geriatric citizens, mountaineers, laborers etc.) (10)
Prof. Subir Kumar Saha (ME)
9. Chandarana Milan Shantilal Dr. Kaushik Mukherjee (ME) Biomechanical design evaluation of knee implants for Indian population (3)
Dr. Rajesh Malhotra (AIIMS)
10. Mahdiyar Prof. M. Ali Haider (CE) Recovery and Valorization of Platform Chemicals from Waste Using an Integrated Bio and Chemo-Catalytic Processing Approach (7)
Prof. Shaikh Z. Ahammad (BE&B)
Dr. Vinod Kumar, UK
11. Deepak Bhola Prof. S.K. Saha (ME) Design and development of Robot for sliver can transfer from one machine to designated machine (14)
Prof. S.M. Ishtiaque (Textile)
Prof. B. Panigrahi (EE)
12. Rounak Bhattacharya Dr. Anoop Chawla (ME) Computer-based surgical planning for patients with fused hips and spino-pelvic deformities (2)
Dr. Deepak Gautam (AIIMS)
13. Mustari Abrar Dr. T.R. Sreekrishnan (BE&B) Impact of leachate on the microbial population of a municipal solid waste dump (6)
Dr. Babu J. Alappat (CE)
14. Sakshi Sharma Dr. Varsha Singh, Psychology, HSS Neurobiology of valence processing in decision making using the rodent Iowa Gambling Task (rIGT) (8)
Dr. Suman Jain, AIIMS
15. Sarthak Das Dr. Satyananda Kar, CES, IITD Efficacy of cold atmospheric plasma jet for its antimicrobial activity against drug resistant bacterial and fungal pathogen: An in-vitro and in-vivo study (20)
Dr. Sarita Mohapatra , AIIMS
16. Sneha Senapati Prof J P Singh, Physics IITD Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy a prospective tool for rapid detection and quantitation of HIV associated sexually transmitted pathogens (11)
Dr Smita Kulkarni, ICMR, Pune
17. Syed Zamad Husain Hashmi Dr. Vijaykumar N Baheti, (Textile) Mechanical and functional performance of whiskerized carbon fabric surfaces in laminated composite structures (18)
Dr. Sangeeta Santra (DMSE)
Dr. Abhijit Majumdar (Textile)
18. Anant Johari Prof. Rajendra Singh, (Physics) Study of InAlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and its radiation hardness (21)
Dr. Ankur Gupta, (CARE)
19. Chetan Kumar Garg Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, BE Manufacturing of thermoplastic composites for engineering and biomedical applications (27)
Prof. R. Alagirusamy, Textile
20. Jyotsna Pandey Dr. Varsha Singh, Psychology, HSS Valence processing and decision making deficit in rodent Iowa Gambling task: Understanding the link between PFC-atrophy and age-related cognitive decline (30)
Dr. Suman Jain , AIIMS, Delhi
21. Ranjan Kumar Mishra Dr. Souvik Chakraborty, AM Optimum Design of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Blast Response Mitigation (33)
Dr. Vasant Matsagar (CE)
22. Suresh Dr. N M Anoop Krishnan, (CE) Machine learning aided materials modeling and design (25)
Dr. Jayadeva, (EE)
2019 (Sem-2)
1. Girish Halemirle Rajacharya Prof. Anurag Singh Rathore (CE) Metabolomics based optimization of protein expression in microbial hosts(02)
Prof. S. S. Yazdani (ICGEB)
2. Sourav Banerjee Prof. S. Wazed Ali (Textile) Development of multifunctional value added cotton textiles using plant based extract (04)
Prof. Satya Narayan Nayak (CRDT)
3. Mayuri Srivastava Prof. S. Wazed Ali (TT) Design and Development of Conducting Filler Loaded Piezoelectric Polymer Based Flexible Micro Device for Energy Harvesting (06)
Prof. Pushpapraj Singh (CARE)
Prof. Bipin Kumar (TT)
4. Reena Prof. Tanmay Dutta (Chemistry) Studies on the regulation by small RNA in Mycobacteria (14)
Prof. Krishna Kishore Inampudi (AIIMS)
5. Abhilasha Kumari Rani Prof. Anurag Singh Rathore (CE) Cloning and expression of Biosimilars in microbial and mammalian cells to improve the biosimilar products(05)
Prof. Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)
6. Anupa Prof. Anurag Singh Rathore (CE) Downstream purification for continuous processing of biotech therapeutics(15)
Prof. Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)
7. Ashutosh Negi Prof. M. Ali Haider (CE) Development of bio-renewable products for commodity chemicals and acoustic materials(13)
Prof. S. Fatima (CART)
Prof. Ejaz Ahmad (IIT ISM Dhanbad)
1. Udayan Banerjee S.K. Saha (ME) Impedance control as an approach to manipulation of Collaborative robots (45)
I.N. Kar (EE)
2. Neha Khaware Ravikrishnan Elangovan Development of magnetic cell sorting device for enumeration of blood cells (35)
Vivekanandan Perumal
3. Rukmini Sarma Shalini Gupta (Chemical) Exploring ribosomal RNA detection for species level identification of bacterial pathogens in a rapid, low cost bioassay format. (34)
Ravi Elangovan (CE)
4. Adarsh Madhu Atul Narang (DBEB) Integrated fermentation and catalytic processing (20)
M. Ali Haider (CE)
1. Abhilasha Pant Shaikh Z. Ahammad (DBEB) Development of Nanocomposite based treatment technologies for the removal of Antibiotic Resistant Genes from Waste Water (20)
Wazed Ali (Textile)
2. Shashank Shekhar Sanjay Dhir (DMS) Developing a revenue model for Bioinformatics R&D using Management approach (04)
B Jayaram (Chemistry)
3. Neelesh Gangwar Anurag S. Rathore (Chemical) Upstream process development for production of therapeutic proteins using mammalian expression system (09)
James Gomes
(School of Biological Sciences )
4. Maliha Ashraf Dr. Shaikh Z. Ahammad
(Department of Biochemical and Biotechnology)
Transport modeling of Emerging contaminants (21)
Dr. Chakma Sumedha
(Department of Civil Engineering)
5. Aashish Bhanu Nandan (TT)
Electrospun Nanofibers as Effective Polysulfide Trap for Advanced Lithium-Sulfur (23)
Amit Gupta (ME)
6. Nishant Birdi Varsha Bannerjee (Physics Dept)
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium studies of uniaxial and biaxial liquid crystals and their mixtures. (22)
Sanjay Puri (SPS/JNU)
1. Hema Garg Bipin Kumar (Textile) Shape Memory Polymers for Textile Finishing (06)
B P Tripathi (DMSE)
Apurba Das (DTT)
2. Jayashree Mohanty Bipin Kumar (Textile) Modification of Shape Memory Filament by Nano-Scale Design (06)
B P Tripathi (DMSE)
3. Rishi Raj S.K. Jha (CBME)
Soil analyzer using capillary electrophoresis microchip (03)
S Basu (Che)
4. Gaurav Dogra A. Dewan (AM)
DST's Centre of Excellence in Climate Modeling (08)
S. Sahany (CAS)
5. Sharang Totekar Ashish K. Darpe (ME)
Passive Hybrid Vibration Response Control in Base-Isolated Structures underImpulsive Loads (05)
Vasant Matsagar (CE)
6. Lekhani Gaur Ashish K. Darpe (ME) Blast Resistant Design of Structures using Advanced Materials and Systems (05)
Tanusree Chakraborty (CE)
7. Harshada Sharma Vasant Matsagar (CE)
Analysis of Underground Structures Subjected to Blast Loading and Blast Induced Vibration (02)
Satinder Paul Singh (ME)