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I Semester 2019-20

School of Interdisciplinary Research, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

Name of the Research
Date* Topic
1. Harshada Sharma 16th September 2019 Underground Explosion and its effects
2. Lekhani Gaur 30th September 2019 Blast- Simulation and Mitigation
3. Sharang Totekar 14th October 2019 Progressive Collapse of Structures
4. Gaurav Dogra 25th October 2019 Earth System Modeling
.5 Rishi Raj 15th November 2019 Microfluidic Based Health Care Device
6. Jayashree Mohanty 29th November 2019 Shape Memory Polyurethane Nano Composites and
its Application in Textiles.
7. Hema Garg 13th December 2019 Shape Memory Polymers In Textile Applications