Talent that matters


Shalini (2020SRZ8249)

Academic Background: B.Sc.(H) (Electronics) , M.Sc. (Electronics)

Project: Energy Harvesting using Droplet-Based Microfluidics for Self-Powered Wearables

Supervisors:  Prof. Ankur Goswami (DMSE)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Dhiman Mallick (EE)

Chairperson:  Prof. Samaresh Das (CARE)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Pushparaj Singh (CARE), Expert(External):  Prof. Bhaskar Mitra (EE)

Rahul Kandpal

Rahul Kandpal (2020SRZ8746)

Academic Background: B.Tech (Biochemical Engg), M.Tech (Bio-Medical Engg)

Project: Fabrication of nanocomposites based flexible electrodes to be used in microbial fuel cell for treating textile effluents and other industrial wastewater

Supervisors:  Prof. Ziauddin Shaikh Ahammad (DBEB)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. S. Wazed Ali (Textile)

Chairperson:  Prof. T.R. Sreekrishnan (DBEB)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. B.S. Butola (Textile), Expert(External):  Prof. Anil Verma (Chemical)

Anurag Choudhary

Anurag Choudhary (2020SRZ8246)

Academic Background: B.Tech (EE), M.E (Instrumentation and Control)

Project: Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics of Induction Motor Drive using Hybrid Schemes for Electric Vehicles

Supervisors:  Prof. S Fatima (CART)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Mashuq un Nabi (EE)

Chairperson:  Prof. B. K. Panigrahi (EE)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Akhil Garg (CART), Expert(External):  Prof. S. K. Chattopadhyay (CES)

Jyotsna Pandey

Jyotsna Pandey (2020SRZ8498)

Academic Background: BSc. Zoology, University of Delhi, MSc. Microbiology, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata)

Project: Valence processing and decision-making deficit in rodent Iowa Gambling task: Understanding the link between PFC-atrophy and age-related cognitive decline

Supervisors:  Prof. Varsha Singh (HSS)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Suman Jain (AIIMS, Delhi)

Chairperson:  Prof. Ritu Kulshreshtha, (DBEB)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Amit Mahendiratta, (CMHE), Expert(External):  Prof. T C Nag (AIIMS, Delhi)


Mahdiyar (2020SRZ8256)

Academic Background: B.E (Biotechnology), M.Tech (Biotechnology)

Project: Development of an Integrated Bio and Chemical Process to convert Food waste in High Value Chemicals

Supervisors:  Prof. Mohammad Ali Haider (Chemical Engineering)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Shaikh Ziauddin Ahammad (DBEB), Prof. Vinod Kumar (Cranfield University, UK)

Chairperson:  Prof. T. R. Sreekrishnan (DBEB)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Anurag S. Rathore (Chemical Engineering), Expert(External):  Prof. Wazed Ali (Textile)

Sarthak Das

Sarthak Das (2020SRZ8493)

Academic Background: B.Sc (Physics Hons), M.Sc (Physics)

Project: Efficacy of cold atmospheric plasma jet for its antimicrobial activity against drug resistant bacterial and fungal pathogen: An in-vitro and in-vivo study

Supervisors:  Prof. Satyananda Kar (DESE)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Sarita Mohapatra (AIIMS, New Delhi)

Chairperson:  Prof. Hitendra Kumar Malik (Physics)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Ramesh Narayanan (DESE)), Expert(External):  Prof. Shilpi Sharma (DBEB)

S. Zimad Husain Hashmi

S. Zimad Husain Hashmi (2020SRZ8495)

Academic Background: B.Tech (Mechanical Engg), M.Tech (Nano Science Technology)

Project: Mechanical and functional performance of whiskerized carbon fabric surfaces in laminated composite structures

Supervisors:  Prof. Abhijit Majumdar (Textile)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. VijayKumar N. Baheti (Textile), Prof. Sangeeta Santra (DMSE)

Chairperson:  Prof. Bhabani K. Satapathy (DMSE)
Expert(Internal):  Prof. Wazed Ali (Textile), Expert(External):  Prof. M.K. Singha (AM)

Anupa (2019SRZ8782)

Academic Background: M.Sc. Biotechnology, University of Pune, B.Sc. (H) Microbiology, Gargi College, University of Delhi

Project: Downstream purification for continuous processing of biotech therapeutics

Supervisors:  Prof. Anurag Singh Rathore (Chem. Engg.)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Manidipa Banerjee (KSBS)

Chairperson:  Prof. Tapan K. Chaudhuri (KSBS)
Expert 1:  Prof. Sudip K. Pattanayek (Chem. Engg.), Expert 2:  Prof. V. Haridas (Chemistry)

Ashutosh Negi (2019SRZ8778)

Academic Background: M.Tech- Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (TERI University), B.Tech- Mechanical Engineering (Uttarakhand Technical University)

Project: Development of bio-renewable products for commodity chemicals and acoustic materials

Supervisors:  Prof. M. Ali Haider (Chem. Engg.)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. S. Fatima (CART) Prof. Ejaz Ahmad IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Chairperson:  Prof. Anushree Malik (CRDT)
Expert 1:  Prof. K K. Pant (Chem. Engg.), Expert 2:  Prof. S. Wazed Ali (Textile Technology)

Rukmini Sharma (2019SRZ8484)

Academic Background: B. Tech (Biotechnology), M. Tech (Medical Biotechnology) IIT Hyderabad

Project: Exploring ribosomal RNA detection for species level identification of bacterial pathogens in a rapid, low cost bioassay format.

Supervisors:  Prof. Shalini Gupta (Chemical)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. Ravi Elangovan (DBEB)

Chairperson: Prof. Gaurav Goel (ChE)
Expert 1: Prof. Shilpi Sharma (DBEB), Expert 2:  Prof. Vivek Perumal (KSBS)

Udayan Banerjee (2019SRZ8482)

Academic Background: B. Tech (Electrical), M. Tech (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives) NIT Durgapur

Project: Impedance control as an approach to manipulation of Collaborative robots

Supervisors:  Prof. S.K. Saha (ME)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. I.N. Kar (EE)

Chairperson: Prof. Sunil Jha (ME)
Expert 1: Prof. Ramakrishna K (ME), Expert 2:  Prof. S. Janardhanan (EE)

Adarsh Madhu (2019SRZ198481)

Academic Background: B.Sc. (Botany), M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Central University of Bihar, Patna

Project:Integrated fermentation and catalytic processing of Biomass derived 6 amyl alpha pyrone to valuable products

Supervisors:  Prof. Atul Narang (DBEB)

Co-Supervisors:  Prof. M. Ali Haider (CE)

Chairperson: Prof. T.R Shreekrishnan, (DBEB)
Expert 1: Prof. Anurag Rathore (Chemical), Expert 2: Prof. Ashish Mishra (DBEB)


Academic Background: B.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Physics) University of Delhi

Project: Electrospun Nanofibers as Effective Polysulfide Trap for Advanced Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Supervisors:  Prof. Bhanu Nandan (TT) Prof. Amit Gupta (ME)

Chairperson: Prof. Manjeet Jassal (Textile)
Expert 1: Prof. Pravin Ingole (Chemistry), Expert 2: Prof. Bijay Tripathi (DMSE)

Lekhani Gaur (2017SRZ8644)

Academic Background: B.E.(Civil), M.E. (Structural Engineering) M.B.M. Govt. Engineering College, Jodhpur

Project: Blast resistant design of structures using advanced materials and systems

Supervisors: Prof. A.K. Darpe (ME) Prof. T. Chakraborty (CE)

Chairperson: Prof. Sanjeev Jain (ME)
Expert 1: Prof. Jayant Jain (AM), Expert 2: Prof. Anoop Krishnan (CE)

Gaurav Dogra (2017SRZ8645)

Academic Background: B.Tech (Mechanical), M.Tech (Thermal) BCET, Gurdaspur

Project: DST's Centre of Excellence in Climate Modeling

Supervisors: Prof. A. Dewan (AM) Prof. S. Sahany (CAS)

Chairperson: Prof. Shantanu Roy (ChE)
Expert 1: Prof. Saroj Kanta Mishra (CAS), Expert 2: Prof. B. Premachandran (ME)

Sharang Vaman Totekar (2017SRZ8646)

Academic Background: BE (Civil), M. Tech (Structural Engineering) College of Engineering Pune

Project: Passive hybrid vibration response control in base-isolated structures under impulsive loads

Supervisors: Prof. A.K. Darpe (ME) Prof. V. Matsagar (CE)

Chairperson: Prof. JT. Shahu (CE)
Expert 1: Prof. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo (CE), Expert 2: Prof. S. Pradyumna (AM)

Harshada Sharma (2017SRZ8649)

Academic Background: BE (Civil), M. Tech (Structural and Foundation Engineering) MDU, Rohtak

Project: Analysis of underground structures subjected to blast loading and blast induced vibrations

Supervisors:  Prof. V. Matsagar (CE) Prof. S.P. Singh (ME)

Chairperson: Prof. Alok Madan (CE)
Expert 1: Prof. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo (CE), Expert 2: Prof. MK Singha (AM)

Rishi Raj (2017SRZ8650)

Academic Background: B. Tech (Polymer Technology), M. Tech, Delhi Technological University

Project: Soil analyzer using capillary electrophoresis microchip

Supervisors: Prof. S.K. Jha (CBME) Prof. S. Basu (ChE)

Chairperson: Prof. Madhusudan Singh (EE)
Expert 1: Prof. Anuj Dhawan (EE), Expert 2: Prof. Samaresh Das (CARE)