Project Titles for Ph.D. Admission for Semester - I Semester Title Year Supervisor Name
2024-01-01 Semester I Electro-mechanics of Biological Surfaces and Interfaces 2024-25 Prof. Priti Sinha, BEB Prof. Nikhil Walani, AM
2024-01-02 Semester I Anisotropic electrostatic screening and morphological transitions in biological cells 2024-25 Prof. Nikhil Walani, AM Prof. Priti Sinha, BEB
2024-01-03 Semester I Studies on semitrailer stability and control development 2024-25 Prof. Husain Kanchwala (CART) Prof. Ross McAree (School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering)
2024-01-04 Semester I Energy harvesting and Sensing using Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Nanogenerators 2024-25 Prof. Dhiman Mallick (EE) Prof. Ankur Goswami (DMSE)
2024-01-05 Semester I Controlled Polymer- Insulin interaction in the Transdermal Insulin Drug Delivery system 2023-24 Prof. Sudip K Pattanayek (DCE) Prof. Sachin Kumar B (CBE)
2024-01-06 Semester I Computational Modeling of Phase-change Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Buildings 2024-25 Prof. Prateek Gupta (AM) Prof. Anurag Goyal (ME)
2024-01-07 Semester I Fabrication and characterization of air-stable batteries 2024-25 Prof. Madhusudan Singh (EE) Prof. Amit Gupta (ME)
2024-01-08 Semester I Nonlinear dynamical characterization of a low-temperature plasma source 2024-25 Prof. Ramesh Narayanan (DESE) Prof. Vikrant Saxena (Physics)
2024-01-09 Semester I Detection of micronutrients in fortified foods using optical tools 2024-25 Prof. Soumik Siddhanta (Chemistry) Prof. J. K. Sahu (CRDT)
2024-01-10 Semester I Investigating Role of Plasma Reduced Graphene Oxide for Stem Cells Differentiation 2024-25 Prof. Marshal (Physics) Prof. Shilpi Minocha (KSBS)
2024-01-11 Semester I Tracking protein dynamics in cells through optical and spectroscopic techniques 2024-25 Prof. Soumik Siddhanta (Chemistry) Prof. Karthigeyan Dhanasekaran (Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad)
2024-01-12 Semester I A Framework for Advancing Waterways Logistics: A Path to Sustainable Transportation using Technology and Policy Interventions 2024-25 Prof. Manabendra Saharia (DCE) Prof. Agam Gupta (DMS)
2024-01-13 Semester I Microfluidics of biological cells in lab-on-a-chip platform 2024-25 Prof. Bahini Ray (ME) Prof. Priti Sinha (DBEB)
2024-01-14 Semester I Investigation on the Performance of the Free-Falling Particle Receiver in a Central Tower for High-Temperature Solar Applications 2024-25 Prof. Ravi Kumar (DESE) Prof. Suresh Neelakantan (DMSE)
2024-01-15 Semester I Developing computational tools to dissect the mutational landscape of genomic disorders in India 2024-25 Prof. Ishaan Gupta (DBEB) Prof. Sandeep Kumar (EE)
2024-01-16 Semester I Developing Green Graphene based technical textiles for Biomedical applications 2024-25 Prof. Bhanu Nandan (Textile) Prof. Ishan Gupta (DBEB)
2024-01-17 Semester I Public funding in healthcare research – tales and realities 2024-25 Prof. Debananda Misra (SPP) Prof. Ishaan Gupta (DBEB)
2024-01-18 Semester I Fabrication of Functional cellulose membranes for optical purposes 2024-25 Prof. Archana Samanta (DTFE) Prof. Supravat Karak (DESE)
2024-01-19 Semester I Assessing the Impact of Policy Changes on Social Enterprises in India 2024-25 Prof. Suma Athreye (SoPP) Prof. Sanjay Dhir (DMS)
2024-01-22 Semester I Pharmaceutical Regulations of Biomedical Textiles 2024-25 Prof. Bhupendra Singh Butola (DTFE) Prof. Tej Prakash Sinha (AIIMS)
2024-01-23 Semester I Advancement in PEM/Alkaline Electrolyzer: Innovation of Anode/Cathode catalyst for Short Stack H2 Production and control 2024-25 Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu (CE) Prof. Sukumar Mishra (EE)
2024-01-20 Semester I Biomechanics of spinal implants for patients with early onset scoliosis 2024-25 Prof. Anoop Chawla (ME) Prof. Kaushik Mukherjee (ME) Prof. Bhavuk Garg ( Department of Orthopedics, AIIMS )
2024-01-21 Semester I Targeting sulphur metabolism as an effective strategy for insights into mycobacterial survival and drug discovery 2024-25 Prof. Vikram Saini (Associate Professor, Biotechnology, AIIMS New Delhi) Prof. Parul Mehrotra (KSBS)
2024-01-24 Semester I Raman-based Gas Sensors for Breath Diagnosis 2024-25 Prof. Soumik Siddhanta (Chemistry) Prof. Jayaramulu Kolleboyina (Chemistry, IIT Jammu)
2024-01-25 Semester I Theranostic systems for misfolded proteins in neurodegenerative diseases 2024-25 Prof. Anupama Datta (INMAS) Prof. Shashank Deep (Chemistry)
2024-01-26 Semester I Development of Microfluidic Devices for Efficient Cell Sorting and Separation 2024-25 Prof. Dhiman Mallick (EE) Prof. Prashant Mishra (DBEB)
2024-01-27 Semester I Design and Development of Neuro-prosthetics for elderly and paralyzed patients 2024-25 Prof. Soutik Betal (EE) Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram (DBEB)
2024-01-28 Semester I Design and Development of orthopedic implants with sustained drug delivery systems. 2024-25 Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram (CBME) Prof. Vijay Sharma (Trauma Center, Orthopedics, AIIMS)
2024-01-29 Semester I Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and inhibitory control: Effect of sleep loss Rodent risk and reward decision making 2024-25 Prof. Varsha Singh (HUSS) Prof. Sushil Jha (JNU)
2024-01-30 Semester I Analysis of the tongue movement in the production of tone using wearable ultrasound technology 2024-25 Prof. Sahiinii Lamaina Veikho (HUSS) Prof. Biswarup Mukherjee (CBME)
2024-01-31 Semester I Computational Social Choice 2024-25 Prof. Saptarshi Mukherjee (HUSS) Prof. Rohit Vaish (CSE)
2024-01-32 Semester I Development of Novel Geotextile for Improving load bearing capacity of soft soils through Geotextile Encased Column (GEC) Application 2024-25 Prof. Amit Rawal (DTFE) Prof. Bhabani K. Satapathy (DMSE)
2024-01-33 Semester I Smart Textiles for Thermal Management 2024-25 Prof. Harun Venkatesan (DTFE) Prof. Krishna Bharadwaj Balasubramanian (DMSE)
2024-01-34 Semester I Development of cryogenic low noise amplifier for single photon detection 2024-25 Prof. Krishna Balasubramanian (DMSE) Prof. Ankesh Jain (EE)
2024-01-35 Semester I Development of environmentally friendly greases using vegetable oil(s) 2024-25 Prof. Deepak Kumar (CART) Prof. Pravin P. Ingole (Chemistry)
2024-01-36 Semester I Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Mechanism of Ligand Binding, Gating and Allosteric Communication in Acetylcholine Ion Channels 2024-25 Prof. Hemant Kumar Kashyap (Chemistry) Prof. Tapan Kumar Nayak (KSBS)
2024-01-37 Semester I Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Studies on Glass-electrolytes for Application in Batteries 2024-25 Prof. Hemant Kumar Kashyap (Chemistry) Prof. Vipin Kumar (DESE)
2024-01-38 Semester I Development of Advanced Quantum Dot-based Single-Photon Sources for Quantum Technologies 2024-25 Prof. Santanu Manna (EE) Prof. Samaresh Das (CARE)
2024-01-39 Semester I Legal Applications of AI (LLMS) 2024-25 Prof. Jyoti Kumar (Department of Design) Prof. Aparna Mehra (Mathematics)
2024-01-40 Semester I Development of a microfluidics platform for automation of in vitro diagnostics 2024-25 Prof. Ravikrishnan Elangovan (BEB) Prof. Hariprasad (Department of Biophysics)
2024-01-41 Semester I An Automated and AI based microscopy for digital pathology 2024-25 Prof. Ravikrishnan Elangovan (BEB) Prof. Vivekanandan Perumal (KSBS) Prof. Sachin Kolte (Department of Pathology, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital)
2024-01-42 Semester I Development of automated Ct-DNA extraction system for minimal residual disease detection in Lung Cancer 2024-25 Prof. Ravikrishnan Elangovan (BEB) Prof. Prabhat Singh Mallik (Department of Medical Oncology, AIIMS, New Delhi)
2024-01-43 Semester I Fabrication of Resistive Memory Switches and its application for Hardware Development for AI/ML using Transition Metal Oxides and Dichalcogenides. 2024-25 Prof. Ankur Goswami (MSE) Prof. Ram Krishna Ghosh (DECE)

Project Titles for Ph.D. Admission for Semester - II Semester Title Year Supervisor Name
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